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To ditch or not to ditch…

So, let’s talk about ditch and stream clearing and why it is important for both you and others around you.

I know it’s not always easy to clear leaves, silt and overgrowth from your ditches and streams and usually costs money if you get somebody else to do it for you so its easy to see why its not a job that’s high on your priority list, read on however to discover why it should rank higher!

Less Flooding

Yes, this is the obvious one but by digging the silt and overgrowth from your ditches and streams will allow better water flow and increased water capacity for peak flows and heavy storms. We have the ability to dig all ditch and stream types and work with the relevant agencies to obtain permits to work on watercourses when they are required.

Drainage of surrounding areas

By having flowing water in your ditches and streams will create a suction through the surrounding land and draw out water from waterlogged areas and dry out fields, paddocks and gardens during the wet months of the year, this can increase the time you are able to use the land and result in increased earnings from it. By also mole draining the land itself will allow better water flow through the ground and provide even better results, we can also help with mole draining.

Prevention of damage to buildings

By reducing or eliminating standing water or waterlogged ground around buildings and building foundations you’ll reduce the risk of damage to the materials or sub erosion of the soils around the foundations, this in turn can help to reduce maintenance required on buildings and prolong their lifespan.

Help to create improved drainage channels for the whole community and improve your local area

This may not seem like an important reason and why should you pay to help your neighbours but in reality by clearing your section of ditch or stream can improve water flow for the whole watercourse, if you can persuade your neighbours to also do the same and you are able to clear the whole network of ditches and streams throughout your local area will hugely increase excess water removal from your local area and help prevent flooding on the roads and other properties. We have worked on a few community drainage projects and are able to communicate directly with every person involved to reduce inconvenience and improve effectiveness for everyone involved, wouldn’t it be great to know you’re doing a good deed for your community.

I hope this post has been useful in giving an insight into how ditches and streams work to create a network and how the importance of maintenance is in keeping the land and area in good condition. If you’d like any more information or advice on either your own land or in setting up a community drainage maintenance project then please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help.